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Castles and Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy game. You are a king to forge your empire in the age of war. Build and manage your city with strategy, create a powerful army of fearless units and join alliances to conquer the world, it's time for you to lead your people to glory.

Game features:

Build and manage your city with strategy.

Three PVE modes: Wild land, War of Honor and Expedition.

Rich bonuses and rewards help new players grow fast.

Plunder resources from your enemies or exile them to remote realms.

Go to the arena to show your military power or watch matches.

Craft artifacts for heroes to increase their power.

Real time battle replay.

Form an alliance base to protect each other.

In-game alliance forum makes organization easier.

Expand your domain by constructing new towns.

Conquer the world to claim your crown and establish a powerful empire!


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